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Questions to ask when choosing a web company to build your site…what you MUST know!

By May 9, 2017Resource
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Okay, I know that’s your first thought (it was mine), but isn’t that what grabbed your attention?  A cute design and something savory?

Well, unfortunately, there’s more that goes into choosing the right web development company than one might think.  First of all, we all use similar terms and acronyms you’ve probably heard of:  SEO, CRM, Social Media, Branding, Design, Development, Customization and more.  But what does it all mean and how can one understand enough to compare?  In my opinion, the THREE most basic things to ask are:

  • who’s doing it?
  • what’s their expertise?
  • what does it include?

Although they’re all important, you really need to understand what’s included to determine a consultant’s expertise level.  For example, a client needs social media.  Is that social media page setup for the different social media platforms?  How many platforms?  Will there be links for follow and capabilities for sharing on site?  Will feeds be pulled into website?  Can I push content from site to social media platforms?  Or is it for social media marketing management with ad campaigns and constant content/posts with market research and target analyses?  This level of expertise and time as well as cost varies greatly.  So, be careful when a company is promising to include “social media” in your website development.

How Do you Determine What’s Important?

Well, that’s where experience comes through, and a consultant willing to work with you through the processes and set a GREAT foundation for SEO and growth.  Sure, you need it all…but not everybody’s budget can handle it all at once.  And not everybody’s an expert at “it all”.  That’s why we at Simply Styled Sites align our team with individual experts to handle each aspect.  In order to do it well, and provide best value and quality to our clients, we won’t promise something we can’t deliver.

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Why Choose Simply Styled Sites?

Good question.  It’s who you can trust.  We fix a lot of poorly developed and over promised websites that do not deliver.  With our combined expertise in web development, branding and design, SEO, user experience and internet marketing, we will help you through the process and consult with your business to provide the following:

  • Clear User Navigation and Experience
  • Marketed Calls-to-Action and Lead Capture
  • Mobile Responsive sites to fit on any device’s screen size
  • An attractive, branded, custom designed homepage to portray professionalism and taste
  • Clean code and optimized performance for ongoing maintenance and support

Need more help?  No problem, simply CONTACT US or review another great article with more in-depth questions to ask during this process.

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