who are we?

We’re a creative and passionate group who cares about you and your success.  We combine style & technology to create beautiful, functional, and organized websites.  We work with WordPress as a solid foundation while customizing the front-end (what users see) with current HTML and CSS.  We also implement third-party platforms and integrate functions such as:

  • appointment booking
  • payment gateways
  • calendar events
  • e-commerce
  • email marketing
  • social media
  • schedule of classes
  • real estate listings
  • forms integration
  • membership sites
  • SSL’s
  • and more…

Establishing relationships with clients and working together to meet your needs is a priority.  Our experts have over 20 years of combined experience and can pass through not only knowledge, but entrepreneurial help and consulting with small businesses.   There are endless opportunities to customize your site and grow your business, and Simply Styled Sites will help you with suggestions and options to meet your current needs as you continue to grow.

what else?

Our collaborative team allows us to stick to what we do best as experts.

Website Development
Graphic Design
Internet Marketing
Social Media
Copywriting & SEO
Public Relations & Media

Each has demonstrated amazing, consistent, and high quality work.  Check out the entire team here, inquire about a package with multiple features, or contact one of them directly!

So, what will you get?

  • Clear User Navigation and Experience
  • Marketed Calls-to-Action and Lead Capture
  • Researched Market Design
  • Mobile Responsive sites to fit on any device’s screen size
  • An attractive, branded, custom designed homepage to portray professionalism and taste
  • Clean code and optimized performance for ongoing maintenance and support
  • Pass-through resources, such as stock images, user licenses for plugins, forms, and extra perks you would ordinarily have to pay for!

What are you waiting for?