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Know What You'll Get

Comparing Web Design & Development companies can be confusing.  It’s like trusting your car in the shop (at least for me).  Know what you’re getting, trust the experts, and be sure to ask many questions.  We’re here to help with your entire process to make sure you succeed and get what you need.

Our Core Features

What we provide to make sure you have everything you need for your website.


The right-brained side of technology.

Not everybody has a great eye. And it’s not something that can be taught. We create beautiful, attractive sites that leave users wanting more.


Easy to navigate, maintain, and update.

It’s hard to know exactly what this means, but a clean site is a site that runs efficiently. Quality back-end code is important, and we provide that.

Page Builder

How do we get those pretty columns?

Ever struggle with customizing cool elements such as colors, columns, and alignment? These page builders are the secret to doing it yourself.


All our sites are adaptable to various screen sizes.

Mobile responsive sites are a necessity. It means that as screen sizes change, we change too. View sites well in phones, wide-screen, tablets, and computers easily.

SEO Ready

Let your beautiful site get found.

Why create something beautiful and not share it? We set the foundation for taking your site to the next level to getting found easily in search engines.


Create original, organic content.

Blogging is a great way to keep users engaged and an organic way to be found in search engines. It’s a platform for interaction, and each site is completely set up to create that great communication.


Think Big.  We help you to the next level.

A website is a tool for you to use to increase sales, gather leads and prospects, and communicate, and automate.  We help build a solid foundation to allow for scale and growth.


We work to meet your needs.

We understand both time frames and budgets can be sensitive. Any project can be customized to meet your needs and we’ll work around the clock to satisfy our clients quickly and reliably.

How It Works


Choose a Design


Provide Logins & Content


We Create Site


Feedback & Edits




Train & Maintain

Our Promise

Simply Styled Sites promises to deliver a beautiful, functional website.  In doing so, we deliver authenticity and prompt, honest communication.  We strive to do what’s best for our clients and take on each project as our own.  We believe success is a reflection of a team working together.  Our clients can have new website designs within a reasonable time frame, clear Calls-to-Action for their users, simple and organized navigation, and a mobile responsive site.

We also provide added value in training our clients to empower them to manage simple edits and maintain control of their site.  This control allows our clients to make immediate changes without relying or waiting on anybody else.  We provide customized and personalized service through documents and videos to teach and empower our clients!

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