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Ongoing Maintenance

Your hands-off, stress-free solution to a secure and beautifully performing site.

Maintenance and updates may seem easy to do on your own, but they can be risky and cause you a lot of stress in the long run. WordPress, themes and plugins generated by third-party developers often cause code compatibility when updates need to be performed. If not carefully managed, performing updates on your own can put your site at risk. Without proper research, sequence and technical know-how, you can cause your website to break when performing updates. Fixing this can be quite expensive—my emergency rate is $250/hr—and can cause unproductive downtime where your website is offline.

What’s Included

Scheduled Backups

Compatibility Research

Security Monitoring

Available Updates


Why It’s Important

There are a ton of potential issues that come with neglecting plugin updates, such as potentially bringing down a website, UX issues, security issues & breaking core functionality. Plugin vulnerabilities represent 56% of the known entry points for cyber attacks. With over 55,000 WP plugins that collectively have been downloaded over one billion times, it’s more important than ever to update them safely.

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Maintenance Options

*Maintenance with dedicated hosting takes things to the next level. To learn more about dedicated hosting, please check out the post below:

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