Everything You Need to Know About Web Hosting

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Web hosting is one of the most under appreciated parts of the Internet. People don’t realize it, but everything you experience on the Internet—from podcasts to Netflix content—live on a server that a person or company pays to keep running so you can access it. Web hosting is an essential part of the World Wide Web, yet most people don’t know much about it. In this post we aim to break down what web hosting is so you’re able to understand it, go through the different levels of hosting options and share details about our dedicated hosting, which will help you maintain an active and secure website.

What is Web Hosting?

Website hosting, is a service offered by web hosts providers. They are businesses that offer the services needed to post a website on the Internet.
Websites are hosted—aka stored—on special computers called servers. When you buy hosting from a hosting provider, you are renting space on their servers to store all the files and data necessary to access your fully-functional website. These computers run all the time, and allow users to access your website anytime and anywhere.

Hosting providers are responsible for maintaining the quality of their servers, keep them up and running, protecting them from malicious attacks and sharing your website content with your website visitors. When a user types in your website address into their browser, their computer connects to your hosting server and delivers your website content to their screen.

The Difference Between Domains and Hosting

Most web hosting companies require that you purchase a domain before hosting with them. A lot of people don’t understand the difference between hosting and domains though. We’ll use an analogy to explain it.

Think of your domain like an address for a house. Your domain directs people to access your website from their browser. Hosting, in contrast is the house the domain points to. It’s the place that stores your stuff—aka your website—and keeps up and running.

Domain names and hosting are two different services, yet they work together to make websites possible on the Internet. Without a domain name people will not be able to find your website on the World Wide Web, and without hosting you won’t be able to build a website.

What are the Different Levels of Hosting?

Web hosting comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Most hosting providers offer multiple service packages which will vary greatly in terms of price and what you get. Nevertheless, knowing the differences between the common types of hosting will help wade through these options and decide on a service package that works best for you.

There are 3 main types of web hosting: shared, VPS and dedicated. Going back to our house analogy, you can think of web hosting in the same way. Shared hosting is like an apartment complex that stores many homes—or websites—within it. VPS hosting, in contrast, is like a townhome that shares space with other homes as well. Lastly, dedicated hosting is like a single home on its own plot of land.

We’ll explore the differences between each hosting option below.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most common type of web hosting and is a great option for people just starting out with a new small business. Shared hosting is exactly what it sounds like.

If you choose to go with shared hosting, your website will be located on the same server as a ton of other websites. The amount of websites hosted on the same server can range from hundreds to thousands depending on your hosting provider. Websites on the same server will share all the resources the server provides such as memory, computing power, disk space, etc.


  • Affordable option
  • Beginner-friendly
  • No configuration required
  • User-friendly server dashboard
  • Server maintenance done by host


  • Sharing space with other websites
  • Limited RAM, hard drive space, CPU speed, etc.
  • Traffic surges on other sites can slow down your site
  • No control over server configuration

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is still hosting where you share server space with other websites. The way the server is set up is different in this option though. With VPS hosting, a separate partition is created for you on a server. This means you get a dedicated amount of space, memory and computing power for your website.


  • Dedicated server space at more affordable prices
  • Other websites have less of an effect on your website performance
  • Accessibility to the server
  • Ability to scale


  • Higher cost than shared hosting
  • Must have technical and server management knowledge

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting means that you have your own server that is solely used for your own website. This means you have more flexibility and freedom than with other hosting options. You can configure your website however you want, and choose to set up the hosting environment to exactly suite your needs. In fact, renting a dedicated server gives you the same benefits as owning your server on-site, except you get the added bonus of support from your hosting provider.


  • Unique configuration
  • Extremely reliable
  • Root server access
  • High-level security


  • Expensive
  • Must have technical and server management knowledge

What is the Best Hosting Option for You?

Choosing a hosting option is a highly variable process. It differs from one site to the next. Nevertheless, here at Simply Styled Sites, we’ve done the legwork for you to create a hosting option that will provide you a lot of benefits without the need to manage it yourself.

Dedicated Hosting through Simply Styled Sites

Simply Styled Sites offers hosting through a dedicated server to its clients. The server used for this hosting is only shared with clients from Simply Styled Sites. This gives you the advantage of having a small amount of neighbors and decreasing the impact of their sites on your overall site performance. Dedicated hosting through Simply Styled Sites takes the best things about dedicated hosting and combines them with the affordability and ease of use from VPS and shared hosting options.


40% Increased Performance
Know Your Neighbors Advantage
More Security
Server configuration to suite your websites needs
Better Service – talk with us rather than a large hosting company


Overall, web hosting is a service that you will definitely need in order to publish a website online. A good web host—like us—will give you the flexibility and freedom to share your content on the internet, provide your users an excellent user experience on your website and help you attract a lot of users to your website. With all this information, you have everything you need to make an educated decision about web hosting.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Use The Salient Theme

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The Salient theme is one of the most popular WordPress templates available on ThemeForest. It is a highly customizable theme that you can use in a variety of different ways. Salient has a ton of robust built-in features such as page animations, sliders and custom post types. These features allow developers to build websites for a variety of different clients without jumping back and forth between different themes. Throughout the rest of this post, we will discuss 4 reasons why you should be using Salient for your WordPress website if you aren’t already.

The Benefits of Using a Reputable Theme

If you’re building a WordPress site, you’ve probably heard many different terms from plugins to themes to blocks and more.  It can be confusing and if you don’t know what you’re looking at, or even what’s available. It’s hard to compare everything.
Many people get sucked in to the “niche” themes, where a company says, for example, “We build sites for doctors.”  Although in theory that sounds great, these themes can end up being more of a headache than a solution due to their lack of features, clunky code, minimal updates or lack of support. It is much more useful to use a trusted, customizable theme when building websites instead.
There are many themes on the market out there, and I’ve used a ton of them over the years, even the not-so-good ones. Learn from my mistakes and years of weeding out bad themes to discover the 4 things that make Salient one of the best WordPress themes I’ve ever used.
  1. Page Builder
  2. Flexibility
  3. Strong theme support
  4. Timely updates
  5. Compatibility with latest versions
  6. Theme configuration options
  7. High performance
  8. Responsive & Retina ready
  9. E-commerce ready
  10. Social media integration
  11. Design Templates
  12. Solid Documentation
Buy Salient Theme Now!Buy Salient Theme Now!

1. Salient Theme Options Panel

One of the best features about Salient is their options panel. It makes customizing CSS so easy. You can do it all from one place, without having to do any backend coding. Some of the things you can manipulate from the options panel include:
  • Icon styles
  • Button styles
  • Background colors
  • Font colors
  • Typography
  • Header colors, padding & opacity
  • Footer columns & credit text

2. Salient Theme Visual Composer

Salient uses the Salient Visual Composer to build out posts and pages on WordPress. It is a very intuitive drag and drop builder to use on the platform. This allows you to build out beautiful website pages with minimal effort. For those of you that don’t want to always rely on a developer to make changes on your site, the Salient Visual Composer gives you the control to make changes on your own easily and efficiently.

3. Robust Template System

One of the newest additions to Salient is their internal templating system. It features a library of pre-designed page blocks or layouts for quick and easy use when building out websites. This is extremely useful when building out certain features—think testimonials—or pages—think contact pages—on a website which are more standard. Plus, it saves you time, something that we can all use more of. The template system can also save you money, ensuring you can update your website yourself without always having to rely on a developer.

4. Amazing Customer Support

ThemeNectar, the creators of the Salient theme, offer amazing customer support to their users. 6 months of free support are included with every Salient purchase. They not only provide thoughtful responses to support inquiries, they also answer them in a timely manor. Over time I’ve reached out about a variety of different inquiries, ranging from newbie questions to developer-level ones, and they’ve always been able to help me out. This level of support is not always available with other WordPress themes. Knowing that the ThemeNectar team is responsive and helpful makes me even more confident in my choice to use Salient on web design projects.


Salient is a popular WordPress theme that has been downloaded more than 90,000 times. It is highly rated because of its ease of use, robust features and superior support from ThemeNectar. On top of all this, Salient is regularly updated by ThemeNectar, ensuring that it remains a stable theme through every WordPress update.

If you’re not using Salient on your WordPress site, it’s time to make the switch. Contact us so we can set up a consultation and get your site rebuilt on one of the most trusted themes on WordPress.

Questions to ask when choosing a web company to build your site…what you MUST know!

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Okay, I know that’s your first thought (it was mine), but isn’t that what grabbed your attention?  A cute design and something savory?

Well, unfortunately, there’s more that goes into choosing the right web development company than one might think.  First of all, we all use similar terms and acronyms you’ve probably heard of:  SEO, CRM, Social Media, Branding, Design, Development, Customization and more.  But what does it all mean and how can one understand enough to compare?  In my opinion, the THREE most basic things to ask are:

  • who’s doing it?
  • what’s their expertise?
  • what does it include?

Although they’re all important, you really need to understand what’s included to determine a consultant’s expertise level.  For example, a client needs social media.  Is that social media page setup for the different social media platforms?  How many platforms?  Will there be links for follow and capabilities for sharing on site?  Will feeds be pulled into website?  Can I push content from site to social media platforms?  Or is it for social media marketing management with ad campaigns and constant content/posts with market research and target analyses?  This level of expertise and time as well as cost varies greatly.  So, be careful when a company is promising to include “social media” in your website development.

How Do you Determine What’s Important?

Well, that’s where experience comes through, and a consultant willing to work with you through the processes and set a GREAT foundation for SEO and growth.  Sure, you need it all…but not everybody’s budget can handle it all at once.  And not everybody’s an expert at “it all”.  That’s why we at Simply Styled Sites align our team with individual experts to handle each aspect.  In order to do it well, and provide best value and quality to our clients, we won’t promise something we can’t deliver.

[vc_btn title=”Meet Our Team of Experts” color=”peacoc” align=”center” link=”url:%2Fpartners%2F|||”]

Why Choose Simply Styled Sites?

Good question.  It’s who you can trust.  We fix a lot of poorly developed and over promised websites that do not deliver.  With our combined expertise in web development, branding and design, SEO, user experience and internet marketing, we will help you through the process and consult with your business to provide the following:

  • Clear User Navigation and Experience
  • Marketed Calls-to-Action and Lead Capture
  • Mobile Responsive sites to fit on any device’s screen size
  • An attractive, branded, custom designed homepage to portray professionalism and taste
  • Clean code and optimized performance for ongoing maintenance and support

Need more help?  No problem, simply CONTACT US or review another great article with more in-depth questions to ask during this process.

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