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Trusted Partners

Building relationships with those whose values are aligned allow us to capitalize on our strengths.

These trusted independent consultants have demonstrated high-quality service, reliability, excellent communication, and honest work.  We have spent years learning and building our expertise to create something organic, unique, and worthy of the best clients, like yourself.  Contact us to build your whole project, or independently as needed.  We’re here to help you succeed, whatever it takes.

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Our Core Team

Laurie Kerns

WordPress Developer, Founder

Laurie Barron is a creative entrepreneur encompassing an energetic personality as big as her dreams. Her optimistic demeanor, drive towards perfection, and innovative thinking led her to leave her corporate job and move to Southern California in 2006. Laurie aspires to help others move forward in a positive, less intimidating environment and manage people’s frustrations with technology and early-stage businesses. Ultimately, Laurie reduces her clients’ stress and anxiety about the evolving tech world through patience, education, and the use of effective designs and tools.

Laurie’s credentials span to include 10 years of web development experience and a degree in Accounting and Computer Information Systems from Indiana University. She also has credibility from the IUPUI masters program in HCI, Informatics in Human Computer Interaction, focusing on Usability and User Experience. Early in her career, she founded and custom built an e-commerce platform called 3 B Street, a website for selling handmade goods, which was dubbed “The Nordstom of Etsy.”

Laurie spends her personal time with her 3 pets: her German Shepherd dog, Kali, silly cat Petey, and beautiful cat Izzy. She also coaches masters swimming, swims laps regularly for exercise, and plays beach volleyball in sunny San Diego.

Betsy Holt

Branding & Logo Design | Creative Mastermind

Betsy Holt is a creative mastermind – [kree-ay-tiv mas-ter-meynd] n. an imaginative evil genius who uses her creative notions for good, possesses graphic design prowess and is an expert at all things branding. She types, clicks and scrolls away her days creating logos, websites, landing pages, packaging and other creatively crafted designs. Betsy takes pride in creating unique graphic design for businesses of all shapes and sizes to help them take their branding and marketing to the next level. When she’s not off saving the world from a barrage of bad design, she loves creating and building things using her hands (and power tools, of course, with her husband by her side and her white german shepherd there to supervise.

If you’d like to work with Betsy send her an email, she’s awfully friendly, it must be that good ol’ southern charm.

Looking for Something Else?

We have a connection of preferred consultants to help you meet your needs.  We are all U. S. based from Content Writing to Photography, please let us know if you have questions and we’ll send you in the proper direction!

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