Our Partners

Building relationships with those whose values are aligned and allows us to capitalize on our strengths takes time.  I have collaborated with a group of trusted independent consultants who have demonstrated high quality service, reliability, excellent communication, and honest work.  We have spent years learning and building our expertise to create something organic, unique, and worthy of the best clients, like yourself.  Feel free to contact me or any consultants directly to help you strategize or build a better business.

Laurie Kerns Barron

WordPress Developer, Founder

Simply Styled Sites

Finding a quality, reliable team to build your website is essential with so many options these days and advances in technology.  Laurie helps with business development and reduces any anxiety by working quickly and in a collaborative environment.  She builds sites in WordPress and helps integrate social media, email marketing, and determine your business needs to increase your web presence and ultimately revenues.

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Dave Tennis

Senior WordPress Developer

Digital_Dave Tennis is a lead front-end web developer, internet marketing manager and seasoned graphic designer with a wealth of creativity and an eye for design. Eight plus years of experience with the ability to take direction, conceptualize individually, lead, or work in teams. Strengths in HTML & CSS, marketing automation, professional business brand, application development, UI design,online learning platforms, marketing collateral, proposal graphics, and online marketing media.

Betsy Widmark-Holt

Graphic Designer &
Creative Mastermind

Heavens 2 Betsy Design

Betsy Holt is a creative mastermind – [kree-ay-tiv mas-ter-meynd] n. an imaginative evil genius who uses her creative notions for good, possesses graphic design prowess and is an expert at all things branding. She types, clicks and scrolls away her days creating logos, websites, landing pages, packaging and other creatively crafted designs. 

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Gwen Beren

SEO/Internet Marketer

Gwen at Illuminous Marketing assists small business owners in accomplishing their online marketing goals through SEO, social media marketing, and digital marketing strategies.  She and her team will transform your online presence so that your website gets better visibility, more traffic, and ultimately, generates more revenue for your business.

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Byron Spratt

Monitoring Program Director

Byron will help keep your site active, updated, professional, clean and secure.  As time goes by, updates to code and software can affect your site.  We strive to significantly reduce risk by performing the following:

– Weekly site monitoring & backup of your site;
– Updates to content, changes to design elements;
– Core code updated to the latest versions;
– Security features implemented, monitored and updated;
– Tech support and help;
– Photos, Video, Links and Content updated;
– Guidance & advice for online best practices.

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Dawn Marrs

Membership Site, Email Marketing, & Business Automation Solutions

Dawn Marrs Ortiz is the founder of Marrs Marketing, a company that specializes in the creation of online membership sites, and automated marketing systems. She helps coaches, consultants and experts leverage their time, by getting their training and expertise online, and creating automated systems to handle their critical (and time-consuming) business and marketing tasks.

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Tracy Petrucci

Email Marketing Guru &
Social Media Expert

Tracy Petrucci Marketing

The needs of a business are not black and white, and your services don’t have to be either. Specializing in email marketing, social media, blogging, and all the little things (that add up to a lot) you need to do to grow your business!

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Natalia Robert

Commercial Photographer

Full Circle Images

As a San Diego based architectural photography business, serving both local and international clientele, founder and lead photographer Natalia Robert brings her background as an architectural designer forward to produce luxurious images that create a sense of warmth and culture. 

Natalia is also extremely proud of having helped countless small businesses in the Greater San Diego area on their path to success by providing quality images that clearly reflect their brand identity.

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April Harter-Enriquez

Public Relations & Advertising

WordPop Public Relations

April started WordPop Public Relations after working in PR and advertising agencies in the San Diego and greater Los Angeles regions. WordPop services clients throughout southern California, across a variety of industries, including real estate, development, non profit, education and more.

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