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If you’re building a WordPress site, you’ve probably heard many different terms from plugins to themes to blocks and more.  It can be confusing and if you don’t know what you’re looking at, or even what’s available, it’s hard to compare.  Many people get sucked in to the “niche” themes, where a company says “We build sites for doctors”.  Well, although that sounds great and has some specific features you might need, it’s very limiting and hard to control functions, features, design, layouts, and more that should meet your specific brand.  And, what you might not know, is that ALL of those elements can be added anyways to meet your brand specific needs and long-term strategic goals.

So, there are many themes on the market out there, and I’ve been through a lot and also been convinced that I “need” something myself.  Learn from my mistakes and years of weeding out bad themes and learn what makes a really great WordPress theme.

  1. Page Builder
  2. Flexibility
  3. Strong theme support
  4. Timely updates
  5. Compatibility with latest versions
  6. Theme configuration options
  7. High performance
  8. Responsive & Retina ready
  9. E-commerce ready
  10. Social media integration
  11. Design Templates
  12. Solid Documentation
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Learning a theme does take skill, but Salient provides page layout templates to help you get started.  Included with every site build is also a training period for me to empower clients to make their own changes.  There are simple visual and editing tools to use where you don’t have to pay my Simply Styled Sites team or wait for us to respond when you see something simple as a spelling error.  Just change it yourself. I’m confident you can do it.  But, don’t worry, I’m always here to help.