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How Creativity Saved Me During Quarantine

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I'm naturally a left-brained, color inside the lines Web Developer, but love to build and create. I need that balance in my life, which is something I always strive to attain.  I also consider myself as having a "good eye", although that can be subjective when working with designers.  It's one of the things that makes our team so unique: our ability to compliment, yet understand each other's strengths, capabilities, and roles. During these COVID-19 times—along with living alone during quarantine—I have had to find different ways to occupy my time. I am an avid athlete and workout constantly; however,…
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I'm Laurie Barron, a creative entrepreneur, and am passionate about combining style & tech to create beautiful, functional, and simply organized websites!  I primarily work with WordPress and can help you build and design a brand new site or assist you in maintaining your current one. I love establishing relationships with clients and working together to meet your needs.  I can integrate email marketing, social media, subscription plans,  special forms, e-commerce, and more.   With an Accounting & Computer Information Systems degree and over 4 years of building 2 companies, I also can offer advice in business development and entrepreneurship.  There are endless…
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