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Determining Project Completion

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Does the idea of building your website overwhelm you because you don't know where to begin nor have the expertise?  Or, you been given so many opinions on what you should do that you're lead to "analysis paralysis" or uncertainty? With the right team that shouldn’t be a concern if you trust the experts at Simply Styled Sites. Our goal is to create a journey that is efficient and productive to get you to market fast so you can quickly capture leads, earn revenue, and build opportunities.  Most of all, we don’t want you to build the site and forget…
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One Page, One Week, One Price

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The time is now. What are you waiting for? Whether you've been waiting for finances to begin or complete your site, the right time because you're busy working on other things or still trying to figure out what you wan. that's ok. Rather than wasting the opportunity we've been presented while the world slows down, it's time to capitalize on it. It's time to bring your vision to life—on a website, that is. We can make a big promise for a short commitment, but it's up to you. If you choose to work with us, we will put together a…
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Working from Home

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Who would have thought this would become the norm?  With the looming COVID-19 threat and a change in how we live our everyday lives, I wanted to provide a few insights as to how to most effectively and efficiently work from home. Working from Home Rocks Here are some benefits of working from home: You have an excuse NOT to do chores—because you're working :) Why would you even have to get out of your pajamas? Bras?  Forget it. Your pets will LOVE it! Saves gas in your car and the environment. You'll be able to create that zen space…
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The Importance of Designing Your Website with a Team

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It can be overwhelming to choose who to work with when designing a website. Web designers, web developers, UX designers, and more—they are all vying for your attention, and money. The truth is building a website isn’t easy. It involves a lot of effort, detail, and skill to get it right from the start, meaning that its imperative that you do your due diligence when choosing which designer to work with for the job. At Simply Styled Sites, we think it is of key importance to work with a designer who doesn’t claim to know everything. Instead, it is more…
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Simply Styled Sites’ Favorite Website Trends 2017

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Well, who doesn't want to be trendy?  Embrace it, it's a good thing, and it helps when catering to your users.  As a company with a website these days, when you're organically searched and found, your website is your user's first impression.  And when I say user, I mean potential client.  And by potential client, I mean more money for you.  With a hip, current site it's important to stay on top of the latest technology, trends, and ways websites interact with users.  From design to marketing to psychology, here are a few of my favorite trends for 2017.such as…
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