My Favorite Domains

GoDaddy Domains

Although there are many domain options, GoDaddy has become a powerhouse with excellent 24/7 customer support and reasonable prices.

My Favorite Hosting

My Favorite Theme

Salient Theme

More in the Market

Envato Market

Search for WordPress Themes & Plugins here!  WordPress themes are pre-designed templates that make your WordPress site ready for building!  Not sure what plugins are?  They are basically added functionality to your existing WordPress site.  You can search for them easily and find exactly what you need with your Envato account.

Awesome Plugins

Gravity Forms Plugin for WordPress

Gravity Forms (Form Builder)

I’m obsessed with Gravity Forms!  It’s an easy to use Form builder for your basic needs, but can also handle user registrations, conditional statements, payments, and implement with your email marketing!    You can also customize on screen confirmations and notifications.  The options are endless.

Visual Composer Plugin for WordPress

Visual Composer (Page & Layout Builder)

This is literally the ultimate page builder!  So what does page builder mean?  With the standard content editing in WordPress, it’s very hard to layout pages how you want, with colors, columns, sizes, widths, fonts, calls to action, buttons, etc.  VC does it all FOR you!  You can do it from the backend as well as the front-end in a What-You-See-is-What-You-Get visual.