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One Page, One Week

Convert users quickly without the commitment of a full site?

Create a Landing Page. Sometimes that’s all we need to jumpstart our business or take advantage of an opportunity or circumstance. We’ve laid out our three most popular types of landing pages and created a quick and simple way for you to create an awesome landing page in ONE-WEEK!

Select one and complete the form below to get started…

Sample Templates

Capture- $399

Use this to quickly capture visitor data with an offer or incentive. Keep the user focused, and to the point. It should be headline focused to grab quick attention with minimal commitment from user. Make it clear what your intentions are and what the user will be receiving. Included form here should have no more than 5 field values.

(3 rows, up to 2.5 hours)

Information- $549

The purpose is to keep the user focused on a single action. Convince the user a bit more without overwhelming them with content  Highlight a particular product or offering, or ask them to complete a more detailed form (up to 10 form fields) with incentive. Make this visually great, with animation, and a strong headline statement.

(5 rows, up to 4 hours)

Sales Page- $899

Push for a bigger commitment from user with more information and incentive. Focus on the value proposition and how the user will benefit. Tell them a story, create a promising picture, and provide an irresistible offer that makes it easy to take action and convert. Form included may consist of up to 10 field value options or single payment method.

(7 rows, up to 8 hours)

Let’s Get Started!

The form will help you walk through the information we need to gather to begin. Ask any questions or feel free to enter additional comments on the last page.


  • A hosted domain
  • WordPress installed
  • A Page Builder
  • Images (smaller than 1MB)
  • Content Ready

(Note:  This is only for WordPress sites.  If you need a new domain and/or host, or are using a custom-built Theme, prices may vary. Limited quantities apply.)