Betsy Widmark-Holt

Betsy Holt is a creative mastermind – [kree-ay-tiv mas-ter-meynd] n. an imaginative evil genius who uses her creative notions for good, possesses graphic design prowess and is an expert at all things branding. She types, clicks and scrolls away her days creating logos, websites, landing pages, packaging and other creatively crafted designs. Betsy takes pride in creating unique graphic design for businesses of all shapes and sizes to help them take their branding and marketing to the next level. When she’s not off saving the world from a barrage of bad design, she loves creating and building things using her hands (and power tools, of course, with her husband by her side and her white german shepherd there to supervise.
If you’d like to work with Betsy send her an email, she’s awfully friendly, it must be that good ol’ southern charm.
You can check out some of her amazing graphic design at
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